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Home Visits


When you can't be there, Navarre Wags & Whiskers steps in with our Cozy Care Visits, ensuring your pets are well-looked after in their own familiar surroundings. We believe there's no place like home, especially for your pets, and our visits are designed to maintain their comfort and routine while you're away.

Each 30-minute visit by our caring team is an opportunity for your pets to stretch their legs, engage in play, or simply receive some loving companionship. We understand the nuances of both canine and feline behavior, ensuring that dogs get the playful interaction and exercise they crave, while cats receive gentle attention and care suited to their more independent nature.

Multiple visits can be scheduled throughout the day to cater to your pet’s needs and your schedule. During each visit, we not only ensure that your pet is physically active but also check on their overall well-being. This includes feeding, refreshing water, and any necessary medication administration, all done with the utmost care and attention.

With Navarre Wags & Whiskers, you're not just getting a pet sitter; you're getting a professional who treats your furry family member as their own. Our goal is to make every visit something your pet looks forward to, filled with affection, play, and the comforts of home. Trust us to be the caring, extended family your pet needs when you're not there



1 Daily Visit

Perfect to give your pet a midday potty break and some much needed play time.  This plan is also great for cat care while you're on vacation.


2 Daily Visits

Popular for dogs or multiple pets, especially those needing twice daily medications.

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