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Experience exceptional dog boarding in Navarre with Navarre Wags & Whiskers, where a warm, homely atmosphere awaits your pet. Our approach is centered around creating a comfortable and familiar environment for your canine companion. We meticulously maintain your dog's regular routine, from exercise to feeding schedules, ensuring a seamless experience that mirrors their life at home.

Boasting over 15 years of expertise in pet care, we are adept at catering to all aspects of your dog's well-being, including administering any necessary medications at no additional cost. Our comprehensive care extends beyond just the basics; we focus on the emotional and mental happiness of your pet, providing a balanced blend of play, socialization, and relaxation.

Our commitment to top-quality pet sitting and boarding is evident in every detail. We personalize our care to match the unique preferences and needs of each dog, ensuring they feel cherished and secure. Stay connected with your furry family member through regular updates, offering you peace of mind and reassurance of their well-being.

Choose Navarre Wags & Whiskers for a boarding experience where your dog's comfort and happiness are paramount. Rest assured, in our care, your pet will receive all the love, attention, and professional expertise they deserve.

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